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High Quality Tools For Lash Extensions-V

High Quality Tools For Lash Extensions-V
30 June, 2020
IMI Lashes eyelash extensions tools include :Hydroge Eye Patch ,Tweezers,Eyelash Tape  and so on . 
IMI Lashes wholesale high quality hydrogel eyelash patch .our eyelash patch is 100% natural plant extract moisture and tighten your skin .why our eyelash patch sell very well ?because our eyelash patch Effectively isolates the lower eyelashes, protects the eyes, diminishes fine lines, and retains moisture.our eyelash patch advantage: Comfortable, breathable, impervious, gentle and soft, not irritating.

IMI Lashes wholesale high quality mascara eyelash extensions brush . The eyelash extensions brush is easy to curl up the eyelashes, make the eyelashes curl long and highlight the charming big eyes.High-quality nylon material, comfortable to use, moderate length of comb, suitable for a variety of people, using clinker handle, lightweight.

IMI Lashes is a professional factory in eyebrow manufacturing microblading tool, semi permanent makeup machine and related microblading supplies. Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) is accepted. And logo laser engraving and screen printing, these two processing methods are applied to our products. Regarding minimum order quantity, it depends on the products models. Welcome to visit us and discuss details. Our aim is to endorse our products through the best quality products and services. We firmly believe that we are your best choice.
Eyelash Tape
Material: made of non-woven fabrics, breathable, giving you a comfortable feel.
The lash tape is a good accessory for eyelash extensions, sanitary, safe, non-toxic.
The tape has good adhesive and easy to tear, you can be cut into any length or shape you need, apply these tapes to the lower eyelashes before the eyelash extension application.
Suit for individuals, cosmetics studios, makeup salons, etc.

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