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8D Volume Lashes

8D Prefanned russian volume eyelashes are available in 0.07, thicknesses and all lengths in Single and mixed length trays. Premium Silk Lashes creating a Voluminous 8D Russian Volume Look.Saving you half the time without having to create these fans yourself, IMI LASHES 8D fans have been hand crafted with this in mind. Absolutely NO KNOTS & HEAT BONDED ,Now you do not need a qualification to create these difficult fans, leave the months of difficult training behind, you can now apply these lashes the same as the 1:1 method as you would with your semi permanent lash qualification.Extra Light, Super Soft Silk creating a fluffy full Russian effect. Leaving Your Clients so happy needing to come back for more.IMI LASHES brings you the Newest style to the wonderful Lash Market.

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