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9D Volume Lashes

China eyelash extensions factory wholesale short stem prefanned heat bonded russian volume lash extensions .The short base fans are wide spread, giving a delicate fluttery effect. Great for quickly filling a sparse natural lash. Long base fans are tightly held together to give your lashes density and fullness from the base, for that eyeliner effect. For Extra Va-Va Voom, use together to create an intense, dense look along the lash line that still has a weightless, fluffy finish at the tips.Also supply the private label service ,help you build your own brand eyelash extensions business line .

Our fans are fused together instead of bonded with adhesive. This creates a lighter-weight, more natural looking fan that will not compromise lash health.

Our Russian Volume Premade 9D Fans designed to speed up the application time and improve the quality of your volume sets. A full set of premade volume lashes can be completed in half the time that it takes to apply fans created from individual lashes.

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