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7D Volume Lashes

Premade volume lashes are fans that have already been created for you and placed into a tray ready to pick up and use. They attach to the natural lash in the same way that a classic semi permanent lash does. Premade lashes are a speedy volume treatment which give the look of volume lashes which is great for clients who cannot lay down for up to 4 hours for a full set of Russian volume, but they cannot be tailored in the way that Russian volume lashes can. These premade fan lash extensions are safe, without ruining your clients natural lashes. Pre-made fans are very fine and soft lashes. 7 individual lashes to each fan. Improves speed of application and quality of finish. Ideal for Volume Lashes. Not pre-glued allowing the lashes to wrap around the natural lash with one dip of adhesive.

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